Warehouse is the link in the logistics system where goods are temporary stored and directed to the next links in the supply chain. Magazines can be both delivery and receipt points, as well as points of concentration or separation streams of goods in the logistic system. The storage process includes placing and moving. Dominance of specific processes depends on the function of the magazine. The required functionality fundamentally influences location, technology and organization of work used in the magazine.

We offer customers the most favorable location of the warehouse in the most strategic location in the whole Poland (the center of the country) together with the best terms of the lease and storage of goods. In the area of ​​renting storage space EWBOR offers an extremely attractive road infrastructure. The location already has access to the future A1 motorway and the vicinity of the motorway junction, which offers the most attractive storage space.

In order to meet the demands of our customers, the EWBOR transport company is able to provide up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge from our agents about our storage space. If you have questions, we can assist you with our help and experience. We are at your disposal.