Shipping is the most economical and secure way of transport (the lowest risk of damage and danger). The most popular mode of transport in maritime shipping is FCL (Full Container Loading). This type of transport is used for large orders, where the quantity of goods is at the level of several dozen tons and several dozen cubic meters.

An alternative to FCL transport is LCL transport. It gives the opportunity to ship one carton as well as 10 pallets. This transport is also carried out in marine containers, providing protection for the goods being shipped.
Thanks to many years of contacts with partners around the world and trusted shipping lines, we are able to offer you competitive freight rates as well as shipping solutions that are matched to your needs. We also take care about handling atypical loads and forming tractors on flat rack specialties.

We have our own fleet of vehicles, unlike other forwarders, which allows for the quick and efficient delivery of the container from our customer to the loading port and vice versa. All formalities related to customs clearance and port containers are made at the Ewbor Office.

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